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World Egg Day 2018

We hope that egg producers in SA are gearing up to celebrate World Egg Day with the rest of the world on Friday, 11 October!  Here is a basic summary of how producers across the world celebrated World Egg Day in 2018:

Celebrations for the 23rd World Egg Day were held on 12 October 2018.  This initiative was established by the IEC in 1996 intended to educate consumers on the versatility and high nutritional value of eggs.  Numerous countries around the globe get involved and get creative to celebrate the egg at the centre of their industry.  A sporting competition was held in the Philippines. Educational and fun-filled entertainment were organised in Bangladesh, Colombia, Croatia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Latvia, Pakistan, Switzerland and Turkey.  Social media campaigns aimed at educating consumers took place in Canada, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.  Australia, Brazil, the UK, Canada and the USA utilised restaurants and social media platforms to promote recipes containing eggs. Producers in Ghana, Indonesia, India and Spain used the event as an opportunity to donate eggs to communities in need.

We’d like to share more details on a few of the ingenious celebrations planned, which will hopefully provide inspiration for future World Egg Day events.  Bangladesh interviewed consumers on one of their main TV channels which we feel would be extremely beneficial in dispelling myths surrounding egg consumption, and answering any questions to educate consumers on the many benefits to eating eggs.  On the same note, Canadian egg producers were present in stores to answer any questions as well as share their passion for farming with the consumers.  Both of these methods transform just an ordinary egg on the shelf to a story that can be told about how it got there, creating better appreciation for the product and just how valuable it is nutritionally and at such a reasonable price.

We are well aware of the nutritional benefits of eggs to all, but they are particularly important in the diet of children who face bigger nutritional demands than adults.  In Hungary a dietician spoke about breakfast habits for children and a chef presented a few simple breakfast ideas including eggs.

Who doesn’t like an egg hunt?  Latvia organised egg painting and an egg hunt which would attract many families to such a fun-filled event, and this could be used as an opportunity to educate those present on the many benefits to including eggs as a staple in a family’s diet.

The Philippines arranged a family fun run which is a model that would work equally well in South Africa given the growing popularity of trail running.  This event would no doubt attract health conscious individuals and could also be used as a good opportunity to market eggs.

If you want to access a comprehensive report of how the world celebrated World Egg Day in 2018, click here.

Don’t forget that you can share your celebrations with the IEC by using the #WorldEggDay.  It doesn’t matter how big or small they are, any sharing is appreciated, even if it’s a photo of your eggs for breakfast!  The IEC would also love to hear about how you celebrated, email your stories to them (info@internationalegg.com) to have them featured with other stories across the world.


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