Get the Edge! | Management Tools for Poultry Farmers

Established Farmers

We are experts in the field of record keeping for your commercial egg business. Our application is much more powerful than Excel and will give you the data that you need at the click of a button.

Below are just a few reasons why your business can benefit from using our software:

Records may be imported from Excel directly into the software, ensuring a seamless setup of your data on our system

Our software will save you time and help you focus where it matters to identify the areas where efficiency can be improved

If you have a large business with multiple egg production units, you will benefit from using the software to its maximum potential

Build up a comprehensive database of reliable flock production information that has a strategic role to play in these areas:

  • Effective problem solving
  • Forecasted production and cash flows
  • Identifying areas of shrinkage or wastage
  • Managing your valuable resources (birds and feed)

If you are struggling to maintain a meaningful set of records, we can revolutionise your business and help to put you in control!