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Our Products

To find out more about FLAWleSS and EGGonomics see below:

Cloud-based Software

We have two products on offer, namely FLAWleSS, designed for pullet rearers and EGGonomics, designed for commercial egg producers.  Both are available on the cloud which allows for seamless setup, timed backups and automatic updates.  There is no limit on the number of devices that may access our software.

User-friendly Software

Our software was developed in conjunction with farmers, not in isolation, so the result is a user-friendly product focusing on the key areas of your business.

Tried & Tested

In addition, one of our staff members uses the software on her own farm which improves our ability to test all facets of the software.  Development of our software is ongoing and we use our clients as a guide in this process.


Our pullet rearing program is named after the accepted acronym “FLAWS” used as a reminder of the critical elements that need to be monitored daily.  These are feed, lights, air, water, space and sanitation.  Of course, utilising our program will bring you closer to a “flawless” end result as we give you the ability to monitor and effortlessly record the data pertinent to your business.  Below is a list of just a few of the items that can be reported from our software:

  • Pullet growth, uniformity and body weight distribution
  • Feed consumption and feed cost (R/pullet depopulated)
  • Mortality and survival rates
  • Water intake and min and max temperatures
  • Vaccination records and vaccine stock control


The economy of a commercial egg farm is measured in eggs, let’s call it EGGonomics!  Every egg farm owner and their staff get up every morning to ensure that their farm is running at its optimum.  We’re here to make it even easier for you to reach that goal and operate at your full potential.  Below are just a few reasons why your farm needs EGGonomics:

  • Comprehensive reports available covering all production parameters
  • Key performance indicators giving a broad farm oversight but also each flock’s individual performance
  • Benchmark against the latest breed standards
  • Voluntary participation in our benchmarking exercise to compare your business against our other producers in South Africa
  • Tailor-made packages to suit your budget and enterprise
  • Customise our software for your organisation to give your staff, vet or nutritionist different access levels
  • Large customer base with the software being used across a wide range of scenarios so it has been customised to accommodate most sets of circumstances