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Software Solutions for Entrant Farmers or Established Farmers

Are you an entrant farmer looking to build a successful egg enterprise?  Or are you an established farmer looking to take your business to the next level?  If so, you’ve come to the right place!  Our core business is in poultry, we aren’t distracted by other industries, so our products have been developed to satisfy your unique requirements.


Tailor-made packages to suit your budget and enterprise

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Monitor pullet performance from day-old to point-of-lay

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Customer service

The support we offer is personalised and enthusiastic. We are very passionate about the products that we offer, and being home grown, we take joy in seeing them used to benefit your business.

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  • EGGonomics is a great tool for our business. We draw information and data from the program that helps us to make critical decisions in our business. EGGonomics has become part of business and not just a tool. The team at EGGonomics are always available to assist our team when required. The program is user friendly and the upgrades on the program are always welcomed.

    Dheeran Heeralall
    Chez Eggz
  • Avichick and its subsidiaries have been using both the EGGonomics and FLAWleSS (the commercial layer pullet rearing) programs for a number of years. Everyone in the company that either does data inputs or uses the reports in their day to day management is constantly commenting on the “friendliness” and usefulness of the programs. The new vaccination module in FLAWleSS is a very welcome addition taking it to the next level as a day to day management tool. I would recommend using these programs to each and every producer who enjoys the challenge to achieve the maximum production results out of their layer flocks.

    Robbie Kruger
  • Several customers of De Heus are using the Leading Edge pullet and layer software. With their permission, De Heus can access their records via the cloud to get the actual data from the farm. We can quickly help them to make the right decisions for their farm based on this information.


    We have found the software to be an ideal management tool that is very user-friendly. The output, as tables or graphs, makes it very easy to identify any problems in a flock and then to provide solutions to help remedy these problems. A big advantage for De Heus is that all the data is presented in the same format and does not need to be sorted or tidied before we can evaluate it.


    I enjoy working with the Leading Edge Team as they are always cheerful and willing to help. They are continually working to improve the program, or adding more useful features. De Heus encourages all our customers to use this software as it is a very useful management tool.

    Michel Bradford
    Pig & Poultry Product Manager, De Heus
  • A critical part of our job is the evaluation of accurate records from our poultry farm clients. This helps us in assisting our clients to make important decisions which invariably have financial implications for their business.


    The software from Leading Edge Poultry Software has proved invaluable to us in providing an extra string to the bow in our service. We are able to access the records on the cloud at any time and from any location. This enables us to make rapid evaluations of records and therefore quick decisions are made, saving valuable time for the business.

    Dr. Peter Johnston
    Veterinary Poultry Consultant, Midlands Poultry Health Centre
  • The Leading Edge software is a powerful management tool and is a must for all commercial poultry producers. Leading Edge is simple and easy to use. It allows fast efficient data capture and extrapolates results instantly.


    It has provided Avonlea Farm with a clear and accurate picture of current performance and enabled us to improve in all aspects of our business.


    Shelley and her team provide great support and I would recommend Leading Edge to all poultry farmers.

    Geoff Groom
    Avonlea Farm
  • Record keeping is a major part of poultry farming. The Leading Edge software has made it simple to see exactly what is happening all over the farm. It is extremely accurate and simple to operate. Attention to detail has been made a lot easier.

    Great work from Shelley and the Leading Edge team.

    Gavin Forrest
    Jonday Foods
  • We use both the FLAWleSS and EGGonomics programmes. Both are extremely user friendly and flexible. The wide range of reports and charts that are available makes monitoring very easy during the good times, and allows for more in depth analysis during problem times or with problem flocks. The reports include, daily, weekly and monthly reports, as well as more specific feed or shed reports. It is easy to access historical data, as the flocks are archived at depopulation and the information remains accessible. The ability to export the reports to excel for further manipulation is an advantage, as is the ease of printing and emailing the charts or reports.

    RGS Smith
    Maggie Scratcher
  • The KZN Poultry Institute has been working with the Leading Edge pullet and layer software for some years now. The software is intuitive and easy to operate. The output provides a rapid and visual means of monitoring flock performance and identifying any flock problems. The facilities for trending production and economic parameters over time and between flocks are outstanding and provide meaningful management and training tools. The monthly benchmarking reports provide a useful perspective on the wider industry.


    Shelley and her team always offer prompt, cheerful and insightful service with continual emphasis on customer support and software improvement. They take realistic suggestions on board and incorporate them into program updates. We, on our small farm, find it such a useful management and training tool that I don’t know how any commercial operation manages without Leading Edge.

    KZN Poultry Institute
  • We have been using your layer program for numerous years at Galovos in Mozambique and also Heidel Eggs in White River.  Your ability to understand our needs and the ability to adjust the program to our specific needs has made the management of information relating to our layer flock that much easier.  The availability of you and your staff members, in reaction to our queries and problems, is definitely commendable and makes our farm administration that much easier.  The data capture screens are very easy to read and self-explanatory, leading to easy data capture.  The array of reports available has also meant that we can extract much more meaningful information with which to optimise our laying flock performance. The fact that data can be looked at on a daily, weekly and monthly basis ensures that we can monitor every aspect of the laying operation.


    We eagerly promote your organisation amongst other poultry producers and wish that your organisation goes from strength to strength.

    Mark Gouws
    Heidel Eggs
  • The Production Records software is a must-have if you are a poultry farmer. Record keeping is an essential element in farming and the software covers everything, it really is an all-in-one. There is nothing else on the market that offers the same functionality. Shelley has done a great job!

    Dave Teichmann
    Teichmann Eggs
  • Leading Edge’s commercial layer program is much more user-friendly than the old software I was using. The inputs are easy, the graphs are fantastic and the reporting is excellent. I love the fact that I can export data to Excel for further manipulation.

    Fanus Weldhagen
    Weldhagen Eggs
  • After many years of struggling to maintain a meaningful set of records through a complexity of home derived spread sheets, Leading Edge software, through its simplicity, thorough reporting and attention to detail has improved our ability to manage our laying flock substantially.

    Kevin Barnsley
    Sanctuary Farm
  • The Leading Edge software program has given us a very easy and effective way of keeping our finger on the pulse at all times. It is extremely user friendly and allows for any problems to be picked up and dealt with with minimal loss or damage. The regular updates keep us on top of our game and help us to run an effective, productive egg laying business. It allows me to give comprehensive information when requested by poultry experts and they are able to troubleshoot our problems with ease and efficacy.

    Penny Willson
    Four Winds Eggs
  • I can honestly say that Leading Edge has helped me from going over the edge when it comes to reports for meetings regarding egg productions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is very easy to use and definitely user friendly. You have all the needed information at your fingertips, reports or graphs. Try it, you will not regret it.

    Esther Venter
    Galovos Moçambique

Meet The Team

We are a team of qualified poultry scientists with over 60 years of joint on-farm practical and industry experience.

Shelley Johnston

PhD Agric, Pr. Sci. Nat. (114932)

Shelley holds a PhD in Agriculture in the discipline of Animal Science and Poultry Science. She has worked for an animal feeds manufacturer and as a technical services manager for a national integrated egg producer. Shelley is the founder of Leading Edge Poultry Software.

Linnet Crow

MSc Agric, Pr. Sci. Nat. (400047/07)

Linnet completed an MSc Agric at UKZN, and has worked as a technical advisor for a feed mill and as a nutritional and management consultant.  She has worked part-time for Leading Edge since 2014. Linnet also manages a pullet rearing and egg production unit in the KZN Midlands.

Justine de Winnaar

MSc Agric, Pr. Sci. Nat. (400275/13)

Justine has an MSc Agric, majoring in Poultry Science.  Following a part-time lecturing post at the University, Justine managed a broiler breeder operation for practical experience.  She then moved to the feed industry as a technical advisor until taking on the position of an Operational Nutritionist.  Justine joined Leading Edge in 2015.

IT Support

Mark Wiercx
BSc Agric (Hons) and Diploma in Datametrics

Mark has been in various development roles since 1992, from Information Systems Manager to Developer Team Lead to Consultant, in industries from agriculture to yacht building.

Mark enjoys the creative aspect of development, and his background in agriculture coupled with his wealth of experience in IT make him a welcome addition to the Leading Edge team. 

In addition to development of EGGonomics, Mark co-manages our cloud server and provides technical support.


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Cloud-based Software

We have two products on offer, namely FLAWleSS, designed for pullet rearers and EGGonomics, designed for commercial egg producers.  Both are available on the cloud which allows for seamless setup, timed backups and automatic updates.  There is no limit on the number of devices that may access our software.  

User-friendly Software

Our software was developed in conjunction with farmers, not in isolation, so the result is a user-friendly product focusing on the key areas of your business.

Tried & Tested

In addition, one of our staff members uses the software on her own farm which improves our ability to test all facets of the software.  Development of our software is ongoing and we use our clients as a guide in this process.