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Using our cloud server you can login at your convenience from any location and monitor your farms’ performance remotely. You also have the option to add a number of users.

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Remaining Relevant

We are constantly adapting to meet our clients’ needs by ensuring various production systems can be accommodated.  Additionally, our IT specialists keep us up to date with changing technology.

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Unrivaled Support

Our team of poultry scientists are on hand to help you derive maximum benefit from the software.

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Our Products

EGGonomics™ Production Records Software

Manage your commercial layer flocks cost-effectively. This user-friendly program provides outstanding reporting, which helps you to keep your finger on the pulse of your egg production business.

FLAWleSS™ Pullet Rearing Software

Optimise your pullet growth and uniformity. This easy-to-use program assists you in producing top-quality point-of-lay pullets. More…

Meet The Team


We offer a consulting service to both users of our software and non-users. We offer existing users of our software assistance with generating production forecasts for use in cash flows to financial institutions, and periodic assessments of our client’s data on the software to ensure that they are making the most of all the functions available. We consult to non-users using the powerful reporting of our software, made possible by simply importing data from Excel into the software. More…

Forecasts and cash flows

Do you run an established farming enterprise and are wanting to apply for further funding to expand? We can help!

Our extensive knowledge of the poultry industry puts us in an ideal position to assist egg producers with production forecasts and cash flows. We will calculate the potential egg production and feed consumption over an extended period, with regional prices for inputs, in order to estimate the monthly expenses and R/dozen cost of production, as well as your projected income.

We can help you increase the likelihood of your successful application for a loan or grant. More…

Client Feedback

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