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Let us teach you how to keep good records: the cornerstone of any farming business.

If you have a good handle on how your farm is currently performing, you are in a much better position to know where improvements can be made.  A large majority of entrant farmers want to expand; having easy access to all your historical data will make applying for funding a much simpler task.  A business development manager at one of South Africa’s large banks had the following advice to give for the best way to secure a business loan:

  1. The bank will first look at the business’s track record before lending it money, therefore good record keeping is essential.
  2. The bank needs to see that the business is improving or that growth remains constant, this opportunity is lost if records are not kept.
  3. The bank will require proof of good production practices and will ask for specific key performance indicators (KPI’s) from the business.

We can help with all of the above and more!

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Software and Records

We can show you how to collect meaningful data on the farm and use our software to assist you with keeping effective records.  We will also support you with interpreting the output from the software, i.e. the graphs and reports.  We have a special interest in seeing your business succeed, click here to find out more about the programs we offer and how we can help you grow your business.

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