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World Egg Day Celebrations 2021

The IEC have released a summary of how some countries will be celebrating World Egg Day in 2021, look out for what South Africa will be doing!


Australian Eggs are launching a multi-media campaign to encourage the nation to celebrate the egg! Their World Egg Day ‘Eggventures at Home’ initiative in partnership with Deliveroo will see the creation of meal kits for bespoke egg dishes, developed by popular restaurants in four cities across Australia. They’ll also have ‘cook along with the chef’ videos and Deliveroo discounts on Egg Dishes. Australian Eggs are also releasing a World Egg Day cook book, which is freely available to download from their website.

Sunny Queen have organised a range of internal and external activities. They will highlight three international egg recipes inspired by three of their team members. Because of travel restrictions, Sunny Queen hope to help the team and Australians travel through the world of food. The recipe launch will feature a media release and social media campaign.



In Austria, ZAG will be running a social media campaign, alongside a TV report on individual egg labelling and a press release with egg facts. They will also be advertising eggs and egg products in the trade media.



Brazil will celebrate World Egg Day with a week of activities, including donations of thousands of eggs, activity books and World Egg Day T-shirts to regional charities. They will also send a range of promotional World Egg Day materials to directors, employees, associates, the press, consumers and sponsors. After the success of their first Egg Music Festival last year, ASGAV will see students from universities and other institutions submit videos of egg-themed performances. They will also release a 3D video of Egg Fitness Week, where the ‘Egg Guys’ provide tips on exercise and sports every day of the week. On World Egg Day itself, ASGAV/Ovos RS will release special Spanish recipe videos on social media and launch ‘The Egg Gallery of Famous People’, a special gallery of everyone who has played a part in the activities for the week up to World Egg Day.



Egg Farmers of Canada are launching media and social media campaigns with five chef ambassadors and culinary influencers who will encourage Canadians to take their taste buds on a journey while showcasing several new globally-inspired egg recipes. They will also take the opportunity to celebrate the 25th anniversary of #WorldEggDay and spotlight the amazing champions who work together to deliver fresh, high-quality food every day, using social content and videos to express gratitude for their work.



For China’s World Egg Day celebrations, LyJa Media are planning a Food Creative Contest on 8 October, with a science and technology conference to be held on October 9 in Shanghai.

The Wonderful Egg Alliance (WEA) will work with the Shanghai Society of Food Science to hold an Egg Food Innovative Competition, with contestants from over 10 Shanghai universities.



For World Egg Day in Croatia this year, Hartmann have organised a theatre festival for children for the 6th year in a row, in cooperation with the local theatre, Oberon. The festival, entitled ‘The Egg’, will start on 8 October and will last for 3 days. During the event, four shows will take place for children from kindergarten to high school age. The last day of the festival is reserved for a Danish show “Alice in Wonderland” by Asterions’s House. The award for the best theatre performance is an egg sculpture made from Hartmann trays by a Croatian artist, Iris Lobaš Kukavičić. Egg is the main symbol of the festival, with the idea of promoting the egg as a healthy food and also promoting moulded fibre, ecologiocal material used for Hatmann products. Hartmann are extremely proud of this unique celebration because, in recent years, it has resulted in a great response from the children and all the shows were fully attended. They believe it is important for young generations to explore theatre and learn about the importance of healthy food from an early age.



For World Egg Day in Denmark, Sanovo Technology are planning to create and share a special movie celebrating the egg on their social media platforms.



For this year’s World Egg Day celebrations in India, Srinivasa are launching a multi-media campaign, with content on social media as well as local radio channels and the popular daily newspaper. The aim of their campaign is to bring about excitement for the event, sharing fun facts and spreading awareness of the importance of eggs.

The State Poultry Training Institute in Ajmer will celebrate World Egg Day, alongside veterinarians of the Animal Husbandry Department and private sector, and dealers and representatives of poultry medicines. This will involve publication of stickers and pamphlets about the nutritional benefits of the egg, and also caps with ‘I love eggs’ printed on them. On World Egg Day, they will serve delicious sweet HALUWA of eggs to participants and, later in the evening, deliver an online presentation on eggs to the officers of the Rajasthan Animal Husbandry Department.



In Latvia, Balticovo’s egg-branded food truck will make a return, distributing scrambled eggs to residents in Riga and nearby towns for the extended period of 2 days, on the 8 and 9 October. The food truck will offer a large variety of egg dishes including Balticovo’s new products, Egg White Protein ice cream and Egg Melange Plombir ice cream. They are also planning a laying hens and laid eggs exhibition in the main square in Riga, in collaboration with Latvian Small Animal Breeders Association. In addition, Balticovo will encourage schools and kindergartens around Latvia to join in a creative challenge, where the students will be asked to submit media of their choice to match the phrase ‘Greetings on World Egg Day’.



To celebrate World Egg Day in Mexico, the Insituto Nacional Avícola (INA) have organised a webinar programme with expert speakers from across the country, which will take place from 27 September to World Egg Day itself on 8 October. Following on from last year’s success, this will be their second ever fully virtual event, and will be streamed live via Facebook and Zoom. The activities aim to highlight the nutritional, gastronomic and social qualities of the egg.


New Zealand

As part of New Zealand’s World Egg Day celebrations this year, NZ Egg Producers Federation are running a consumer promotion. Kiwis will be attracted to enter to win a Limited Edition Kenwood Gold Mixer and 25 Consolation Prizes of The Perfect Egg Cookbook. Digital ads for the promotion will run across the key media channels and NZ Eggs social media channels from 4th – 17th October.



In Nigeria this year, the Poultry Association of Nigeria Ogun State (PANOG) will be generating awareness about the many health benefits of eggs. They will visit schools for talks with students about the benefits of eggs to brain development and deliver fun egg games to keep them engaged! PANOG also plan to visit health centres, orphanages, correctional centres and media houses to spread the word about the importance of eggs to wellbeing and overall health. During these visits, they will distribute free eggs, with the aim of helping to improve egg consumption in Nigeria.

Funtuna eggs plan to extend their celebration across the whole week to demonstrate the importance of eggs! They will share facts about eggs on social media and deliver a week of trivia questions on the radio, with daily discussions on the importance of eggs for people of all ages. In addition, they will share 25 facts about eggs, featuring their brand ambassador, Chef Fregz, who will also be providing extraordinary egg recipes. Funtuna will also be distributing goodie bags containing eggs, powerbanks, t-shirts, recipe books, key holders and more to their communities.



For World Egg Day in Pakistan, the PMAS Arid Agriculture University of Rawalpindi will host a range of competitions, including best egg dish, best egg carving and painting, and best egg related poster. The university have also arranged an egg awareness walk as well as a seminar on ‘Egg Miracles in Health’ to help recognise the nutritional value of the egg.



The Comisión Nacional del Huevo (CONAHU) in Panama will celebrate this year’s World Egg Day with an online hat competition. Young girls and boys throughout the country are being encouraged to share videos on social media wearing a hat they have created, telling the audience why and how they made it. They should include the hashtag #DaleLikeAlHuevo and tag @comisiondehuevos in order to enter. The competition closes on Wednesday 6 October, and the judges will announce the winners the following day. The aim of this special celebration is the encourage the children of Panama to use their creative skills and recognise the importance of eggs to nutrition.



To celebrate World Egg Day in the Philippines, Batangas Eggs have united with Livestock Philippines to launch the #LODIAngItlog (#EggsAreSuperb) Campaign in support of Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) on Zero Hunger, local government units, members of the egg industry, various organisations, and associations that help support the health and food systems of the country. The #LODIAngItlog campaign aims to promote the egg diet to fight protein malnutrition in the Philippines and strengthen the resistance of their people. They believe that they can achieve a healthy Philippines with eggs. Part of the #LODIAngItlog campaign is the use of effective platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram to better explain their mission. Tiktok entries from egg producers, egg wholesalers and retailers, government partners, kids and teens will be judged according to the criteria of the Egg Dance Challenge.



In Poland, Ferma Wozniak are planning a collaborative media campaign with the Polskie Dzieci Org to help educate and support healthy diets in parents and their children, and advise schools on food best practices. They will also share valuable egg information on their website and SoMe channels and deliver educational activities in regional schools about the nutritional power of the egg. On top of this, they plan to collaborate with retail chains to customise label packaging with the World Egg Day logo.



To celebrate World Egg Day in Portugal, ANAPO (Associação Nacional dos Avicultores Produtores de Ovos) are providing schools with an ‘Activation kit’ containing: a cover letter, a presentation to showcase to students, recipes with eggs, an animation movie ‘did you know?’, drawings to colour in, and a form to request the offer of an educational book entited ‘O meu ovo?!’. Each teacher is then able to choose how best to use these resources, which are targeted at every preschool and primary school in Portugal. ANAPO are also launching a social media campaign and press release to help get the word out about World Egg Day.



This year, the International Poultry Forum in Russia will start celebrating World Egg Day on 7 October, with more than 300 participants attending ‘Poultry of Russia 2021’. This will feature an evening programme with famous singers and a reception at the International Birds Forum, which will be dedicated to World Egg Day. The programme will include: tasting of finished products (smoked eggs, pickled eggs); a competition for making salads from boiled eggs (‘Russian’, ‘Herring under a fur coat’ and ‘Mimosa’); a ‘soft-boiled eggs’ competition; songs about eggs; and the presentation of diplomas for the Top 10 Producers.


South Africa

To celebrate World Egg Day this year, South Africa are running a media campaign covering both print and digital channels. This includes a double page spread in Heita magazine, a free regional commuter advertorial, and a digitorial including two to three recipes, a banner and a social post in Food24, Africa’s largest online foodie community. In addition, there will be a national television insert on a breakfast show on World Egg Day itself and a World Egg Day special of the ADSA newsletter will be distributed to over 1,500 South African dieticians. EGGcellentFood on Facebook and Instagram will run a social media campaign during the week of World Egg Day to promote the value of the egg, and social media influencers will share videos on their Instagram pages to celebrate the special day.



The Instituto de Estudios del Huevo in Spain will extend their celebrations to ‘World Egg Month’ this year, with a media campaign circulating the benefits of the egg for eye health launching on 7 October. On 21 October, they will celebrate 25 years of the Instituto de Estudios del Huevo and announce the winner of the yearly award in egg research. On 27 October, INPROVO will present their promotional campaign for the upcoming two years, with messages focused on families with children in year 1 and millennials in year 2.


United Kingdom

To celebrate World Egg Day, the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) will be sharing delicious egg dishes on 8 October, across @egg_recipes Instagram, which has 70k followers. Throughout the week, which is also British Egg Week, as well as sharing recipe posts on social media, they will place stories within the regional media based on consumer research around people’s favourite ways to enjoy eggs. BEIC will also work with comedian @GeorgeEgg to develop humorous egg-recipe-based-content to share on Instagram.



To celebrate World Egg Day in the USA, Center Fresh Group are serving free, made-to-order omelettes, fruit, drinks and their trademark fried egg cookies to the local community from 7-9am on 8 October at Terrace View Event Center, Sioux County, Iowa.