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World Egg Day 2020 – Friday, 9th October

We’ve said it countless times before on our Industry News page, and will say it many more times, but when it comes to nutrition, you can’t find anything packed with more essential macro and micronutrients in one neat little shell (what, no plastic??!), than the egg. When level 5 lockdown hit, South Africa (and the world for that matter) showed how much they love the egg too! Given the time and space, families indulged in more baking and cooking with eggs resulting in a much higher demand. Some of us love the egg so much that we studied about it and made a career out of it! How awesome then that we have a day honouring our egg?! Even better is that the whole world celebrates the day too, WORLD EGG DAY, taking place on Friday, 9 October. Click here for a summary of how the world celebrated in 2019, and click here for a peek at what countries are preparing to do this year, South Africa is featured on the list. Nearly every country is using social media as a platform for the event, and given our current mask-donning, social distancing state of affairs, it’s likely the wisest way to get involved, but also the most effective. So use the hashtag #WorldEggDay if you do post anything on social media and celebrate with the rest of the world!



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