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World Egg Day 2018

Friday, 12 October, is World Egg Day, established by the International Egg Commission (IEC) in 1996, with the aim of dedicating a day to educate the nation on this powerhouse food source jam packed with good quality proteins and essential vitamins and minerals, which has in the past received undue criticism for its cholesterol content. In order to inspire our producers, we thought we’d share with you how some other countries celebrated World Egg Day in 2017:

Australia took advantage of the opportunity by playing on the nations sporting rivalry obsession and challenging Australians to improve their per capita egg consumption in order to outshine other countries. Social media was used to raise awareness, with the assistance of a sporting star, and a mock school sporting event was held on World Egg Day which was televised on breakfast shows across the country.

Vietnam celebrated their fifth consecutive World Egg Day with an event designed to delight children, with activities, egg shell painting, face painting, balloon blowing and food tasting.

The UK ran a week-long programme entitled “Wake up to British Egg Week” with the aim of honouring the Great British breakfast and promoting eggs and World Egg Day. Rather impressively, Oxford University hosted egg fans who succeeded in breaking a Guinness World Record for the most people dipping egg soldiers simultaneously.

The Egg Farmers and Breakfast Clubs of Canada teamed up for World Egg Day promoting breakfast as an integral meal of the day, especially for school children, and they used the #CrackAYoke sending a strong message that skipping breakfast is no yoke. The initiative was supported by Canadian comedian, Gerry Dee, in conjunction with social media experts and bloggers, all in an attempt to reach the nation of Canada on World Egg Day.

Romania used World Egg Day as an opportunity to target schools, running a countrywide campaign aimed at providing school children and teachers with information on the health benefits of eggs, as well as general interesting facts.

An egg business in Croatia, named Hartmann, partnered with theatre company Oberon and the Danish Embassy to stage a theatre festival for children from kindergarten to high school goers. The festival spanned three days with four performances, and an Egg Statue was awarded for the best play.

The Botswana Poultry Association, in collaboration with the national 7’s rugby team, arranged activities over two days with the aim of celebrating the egg! A World Egg Day breakfast event was also hosted in Gaborone with a morning seminar using the theme “every egg has a story to tell”.

The Irish Egg Association conducted marketing campaigns on social media, the radio and outdoor advertising alongside the Irish Food Board to promote egg consumption amongst young adults, endorsing this superfood that can be eaten daily to support a healthy lifestyle. Olympic rowers, Paul and Gary O’Donovan, and celebrity chef and fitness advocate, Roz Purcell, also added their voices to the campaign to celebrate World Egg Day.

Let’s add South Africa’s story of celebration of World Egg Day to the IEC’s list of inspiring ways that this day can be honoured. To read about more stories follow this link: https://www.internationalegg.com/representing-the-industry/egg-industry/wed-world-egg-day/

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