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The importance of farm record keeping

the importance of record keeping article 3

Keeping records is vital to the success of any business in today’s world. The information gathered allows you to monitor and evaluate current performance, take corrective action and plan for future growth in the enterprise. When conditions are tough, such as the present agricultural landscape, this function becomes even more crucial. Farmers are the backbone of an economy yet are generally price takers, having to absorb rising input costs without being able to increase their selling prices accordingly. Tight stock control and optimum production levels are therefore essential for survival.

There are many variables that can be measured on an egg farm. Broadly speaking these are egg numbers, egg weight, mortalities, hen weight, feed consumption, ambient temperature and water intake. Each of these can provide valuable insight into bird performance and whether the nutritional and environmental needs are being met. Flocks that are managed well during rearing and laying will be able to achieve their genetic potential, which ultimately translates into profitability.

EGGonomics is a comprehensive management tool for egg producers that simplifies record keeping and puts you in a position of control, empowering you to make strategic decisions. Developed in South Africa, it is suitable for laying farms of different sizes across the globe. In countries such as New Zealand, where producers are required to change from battery to barn or free range housing systems, the software will help the farm owner to adapt to a new set of circumstances.

About the author:

Shelley Johnston, the owner of Leading Edge Poultry Software, obtained her PhD in Agriculture in the discipline Animal Science and Poultry Science from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2005. Her thesis was entitled A stochastic model to predict annual egg production of a flock of laying hens and it involved the use of mathematical functions to mimic the hen’s ovulation cycle. Following a comment from local farmer and close friend Kevin (‘Why don’t you do something useful for the egg industry now?’) she turned her attention to developing a record-keeping system for him. Kevin became the guinea pig for extensive testing as the initial macro-driven spreadsheet was replaced by an increasingly complex application coded by experienced developers. What started as a hobby grew into a business, as other farmers saw the benefits of the software as a comprehensive management tool. Today Leading Edge continues to grow and flourish thanks to the long-standing and loyal support of its customer base. The company continues to respond to the needs of producers and adapt to changing technology.

The importance of farm record keeping article

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