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What does Ronald McDonald have in common with a starfish?

It’s that time of the month again, our KPI results are ready, please check your inboxes! If you aren’t yet participating, I have to ask why? This report is highly anticipated by all those who participate, for good reason, please take advantage of this worthwhile time that Linnet spends preparing it each month.

In other news, if you are a starfish, you may well end up in the gut of a chicken, how you ask? No, you will not need to share Ballito beach with your chickens these holidays, the EU is allowing starfish to be included in fishmeal for poultry and pig feeds. As can be expected, this will be done responsibly in order to protect the marine ecosystem and only wild starfish may be harvested for fishmeal where they are multiplying rapidly and threatening aquaculture or fisheries.

Further news from the industry is that McDonald’s SA has succumbed to pressures from animal protection groups, and counterparts in other countries, to source cage-free eggs. Starting in 2017, they commit to phasing in more than 10% cage-free eggs per annum, until they are sourcing 100% cage-free eggs by 2025. McDonald’s will thus become one of the first quick-service restaurants in the country to commit to using cage-free eggs.

On a more serious note, analysts have predicted that food inflation will rise to about 12% in the first six months of 2017 dependent on the rand (I don’t think it’s ever a good thing to depend on the rand!). Tiger Brands and Pioneer Foods are bracing themselves for a tough year ahead with maize shortages and high input costs, with very little room to pass costs on to retailers. I must admit that I’m a little confused by the juxtaposition of rising food inflation yet producers have stated there is limited room to pass their rising costs onto retailers.

But rather than dwelling on bad news, it is the season to forget the hardships of the past year and focus on the clean page that a new year brings, write something great! All the best from our team, thank you for your support in 2016 and may you have a wonderful Christmas with your families!

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