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AI update abroad

The global health community is on high alert as there are fears that the H7N9 strain of bird flu could spark a pandemic and prove as destructive as the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak. The virus has been circulating among poultry in China and to date has killed 623 people – 38% of known cases. H7N9 cannot as yet transmit from person to person, but experiments have shown that it is just three mutations away from being able to do so.

Dutch eggs withdrawn from the market

Following a fipronil contamination scare, Germany has recalled 73 000 Dutch eggs from local supermarkets. This is not the first time this insecticide has made headlines, it was the cause of another food scare last year. The public have been reassured that the detected levels fall below any level that would pose a health risk, but are above the legal limits set by the EU. The insecticide was sourced back to an organic firm in the Netherlands.


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