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Colombia’s World Egg Day 2019

While most member countries of the International Egg Commission (IEC) took part in celebrating World Egg Day on October 11, Colombia took their celebration to the next level by breaking a world record for the world’s largest scrambled eggs.  The National Federation of Poultry Farmers in Colombia (FENAVI) undertook this challenge using 59 758 eggs in the shell, totalling 3 112 kilograms, 646 kilograms more than the previous record holder.  FENAVI collaborated with other local organisations and began preparations more than three months in advance, the most significant of which was the manufacturing of the pan that was specifically designed for the record attempt, spanning 12 metres long, 4 metres wide, 70 centimetres high and 20 centimetres deep.  The resulting dish was offered free of charge to 15 000 Colombians at two locations in the city, and the eggshells were ground to make fertiliser which will be used for planting trees in the rural area of Soacha, where the record attempt took place.  In excess of 150 people (apprentices, instructors and chefs) were required to prepare the world’s largest scrambled eggs.  Undoubtedly the three most important ingredients of the day were the egg, teamwork and the time that had been spent in preparation.  These all came together to highlight the importance of eggs in a delicious and nutritious diet.  For more information about the record attempt visit the Guinness World Records site.

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