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flawless-pullet-rearing-software-leading-edge-poultry-software-online-farm-management-package-new-10FLAWleSS™ – Pullet Rearing Application

This application designed for pullets is available on a cloud server which allows you to log on using any device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone) with an internet connection. This is an enormous benefit to companies that have several farms spread far apart, and for managers who travel but need to stay in touch with farm productivity.

It is a user-friendly program that monitors the growth, uniformity, feed consumption and survival rates of your pullets. It allows you to transfer pullets from brooding to rearing sheds, keeping track of flock performance. Effectively monitor your vaccination history and vaccine stocks. Plot minimum and maximum temperatures and water intakes (ml per bird) during the rearing period. You can compare your results to the latest breed performance objectives. The program also calculates feed consumption (kg/pullet depopulated) and feed cost (R/pullet depopulated).

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