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This application designed for commercial layers is available on a cloud server which allows you to log on using any device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone) with an internet connection. This is an enormous benefit to companies that have several farms spread far apart, and for managers who travel but need to stay in touch with farm productivity. An added bonus is that a vet or nutritionist can also log on and view the flock history remotely. We also offer three different packages: basic, standard and premium, designed to suit your farm’s budget. Click here to read more.

If our software is used to its full potential it is very possible to reduce your average feed intake through tighter feed stock control, thereby reducing wastage and hopefully minimising or eliminating theft. Should you manage to achieve this, our monthly fee will have paid itself in a matter of 16 days (with 20 000 hens) or in as few as 2 days (with 150 000 hens). This saving will contribute positively to your bottom line for the remaining days of the month.

By practising better record keeping and taking advantage of our powerful reporting and built-in alerts for early warning of any significant changes in your flocks, you could also improve on your current rate of lay. Should you manage to achieve this, the payback time is 12 days (with 20 000 hens) or under 2 days (with 150 000 hens). Again this saving will contribute positively to your bottom line for the remaining days of the month.

If you are able to improve your rate of lay and reduce your feed intake you can almost halve the times given above. One commodity possibly even more precious than money to your business is your time. Given that the software accommodates entry of every variable important to your business, from daily temperature readings to egg numbers, in one simple to use package; our software is bound to save on your or your staff members’ precious time, again paying for itself in a matter of hours.

So what are you waiting for? Make the change from Excel spreadsheets by easily importing your flock data into the new system. Below are further benefits to using the software:

  • All data is entered and processed in one programme
  • Simple to house and depopulate flocks, as well as enter daily information, saving you time!
  • The software was designed in conjunction with egg farmers and has been adapted for many different farming scenarios, so can be easily customised by you to accommodate your farm
  • There is no chance for accidental deletion of formulae used to calculate your production, thereby improving the accuracy of your output and confidence in your results
  • Vast array of reports designed to assist you with monitoring your farms production from every possible angle
  • In reports and graphs the software compares your results to the latest production standard wherever necessary, and always uses a weighted rather than a straight average giving you more meaningful results
  • Our weekly management report alerts you if any pertinent information has not been captured or stock is unaccounted for, it also warns you if any of your key inputs have changed by an amount specified by yourself; giving you peace of mind to focus your attention directly where it is needed to identify and solve problems quickly
  • Detailed reports and graphing for archived flocks are available at the click of a button, providing a powerful management tool for future improvement
  • Simple sharing of all your graphs and reports so that your nutritionist or vet is always kept abreast of your farm’s performance
  • The cost module can be used to calculate a per dozen production cost
  • The software accommodates any currency
  • Improve your stock control by using modules to assist you with reconciling farm production with egg sales, and hens depopulated with cull sales
  • Participate in our monthly benchmarking exercise where we compare your KPI’s to our other contributing clients 

Purchase of our EGGonomics software is not a single transaction. We at Leading Edge have a vested interest in your business and ensuring that our software meets the needs of our clients. As part of a monthly retainer you will receive regular updates to the software offering new features, as well as ongoing technical support. Allow our sophisticated software to assist you in managing your business proactively and in making strategic decisions based on comprehensive production information.

But don’t take our word for it, see what some of our clients have to say!

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