In addition to supporting and further developing our EGGonomics and FLAWleSS software, we provide a statistical service to the South African poultry industry and a consulting service to both users of our software and non-users.

Software users:
  • We offer assistance with generating production forecasts for use in cash flows to financial institutions.
  • Remaining impartial with regards to our client’s information on our software is important to us, however, we can provide a thorough assessment of a farm’s information on our software and provide feedback that will assist with utilising the software optimally.
Software non-users:

We realise that the introduction of software to assist with the daily management on the farm is fairly new practice, and is not something that is adopted by all.  We also acknowledge that it is a further financial outlay on an already tight budget, even if the software is able to increase efficiency on the farm and save costs.  We can however offer a portion of the benefits of the software without having to purchase it. 

  • We believe what sets our software apart is our consolidated reporting that allows for in-depth analysis.  It is possible for non-users to have access to these through our import function. The farm’s information is required in an Excel spreadsheet in a particular format, recognised by our software, and our team will do the rest. Which reports or charts, and the frequency with which they are required, is up to the client.  The fee is based on the amount of information being processed, and the number of reports and/or charts involved. 
  • We can also offer participation in our monthly KPI benchmarking exercise that we offer our software users that choose to contribute.  It is completely anonymous, the report that you receive compares your KPI’s to the group’s data. 
  • Should you supply us with sufficient historical data, as well as housing schedules, we can also provide assistance with generating production forecasts for use in cash flows to financial institutions.

Please contact us should you require further info

*Fees charged for the above services are based on our hourly rate and the volume of data being processed*

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